06 July 2016

Henry Wylie Norman 1826-1904

From the Norman/Clifford Family Album


The first photo of Uncle Henry also has the initials ‘LJN’ written on the back, once I’d found who LJN was it was easy to work out that Uncle Henry was Henry Wylie Norman, the brother of Lucy Jessie Norman’s father. Then I found the other photo of him online and knew I had the right person. There is an excellent article on Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wylie Norman on this webpage, he had a very distinguished career.

Henry Wylie Norman was the son of Sir James Norman & Charlotte neé Wylie, born on 2 Dec 1826 and baptised at the St Luke Old Street Church, Finsbury, London on the 11 Jan 1827.

Henry married three times, first to Selina Eliza Davidson on the 14 Apr 1853 at West Bengal, India. Their children were:- Mary Lucy 1855; Helen Campbell 1856; Annie Forde 1857; Jessie Macleod 1860 and possibly a son Henry Alexander who died at sea in 1858. Selina died in 1862 aged 30 of an abscess on the liver.

Henry’s second wife was Jemima Ann Knowles who died a year after they married in 1864, no children.

Henry’s third wife was Alice Claudine Sandys, their children were:- Walter Henry 1871; Grace Alice 1873 and Claude Lumsden 1876.

This photo was also in the album, probably from LJN’s first cousin Helen Campbell Norman, sent from India when she was 19 years of age, compare this photo with another one of her taken 10 years later, on this webpage here:-


This next one from the album is a bit of a mystery, on the back it says ‘LJN – Aunt Claudine W. 1870’, the only Claudine I’ve come across so far is the above Henry Wylie’s third wife, Alice Claudine neé Sandys. She might have been known as Claudine rather than Alice but if so what does the ‘W’ stand for? It was taken in 1870, the year she married Henry Wylie Norman and she does look like she might be dressed to be married BUT there are other photos of Alice Claudine claiming to be her and I don’t think they look alike, so perhaps my Aunt Claudine W belongs somewhere else that I haven’t come across yet, what do you think?




Dawn Scotting

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