30 April 2016

Final Photographs from the Fetherstonhaugh Album

This will be the final post on the Fetherstonhaugh photographs, there are just a few left that I haven’t been able to identify with any degree of certainty:-


The first woman wasn’t named but she looks very much like Ann Fetherstonhaugh although her attire seems to be more refined. There are just too many Anns in the family to know which one she might be, especially not knowing if she was married or not.

Two of these three beauties could be the Buchanans, these two photos were on the same page of the album, the two on the right might be grown up versions of the two young girls on the right of the next photo of the Buchanan Family:-


The woman standing on the left of the first photo above looks like she could be Miss Moloney, the second wife of Major Buchanan.

These next two were sitting in the album next to each other & were named but I couldn’t find anything on them. With a bustle like that I’m not surprised she isn’t sitting down:-


These next four are all named Johnston:-


Are they the same man? Unfortunately a very common name! Are the next two the same woman?


Maybe not as there was definately two girls named Johnston (see next photo), although these two do have the same necklace on. The girl in the next photo about to take a sip of tea is wearing the same dress, necklace and brooch as the girl on the swing. There was a Rev’d Joseph Davison Cowan who belonged to the Freemasons of Ireland and who died on 29 Aug 1922 in Donaghmore, Co Down, Ireland but I haven’t found a marriage for him nor any marriage between a Johnston and a Cowan!


Mrs Villiers is unknown to me and the young man was not named.


I think that leaves just the people named Marsh now as well as an unnamed woman on the same page:-


The Sarah Fetherstonhaugh, who married the Rev’d Edward Nangle, had a sister named Jane Elizabeth who married Hugh Massy Ryves otherwise known as Massy Ryves Marsh (or vice versa), they may have had a son named Cuthbert and/or a daughter named Poppy although I haven’t found anything on them at all. One last photo of a young boy named H Bellen, nothing more known about him.



Dawn Scotting

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