20 May 2015

Carl Hermann Hustedt a.k.a Charles Henry Howard

Further to my post back on the 30 Jan 2009 I’ve recently turned up more information on Carl Hustedt.



Written on the back of the photograph is ‘Carl Hustedt’ and as it was taken in Nottingham I had thought he could be the Carl Hermann Hustedt who was born in Nottingham in 1891.

Previously I hadn’t been able to find him or his family in the 1911 census but yesterday I had better luck and found him still living with his mother, Zillah Thirza (née Voce), aged 19, single & listed as a student.

I also came across this little snippet in the London Gazette dated the 13 Feb 1925, he had changed his name in 1918 and was now known as Charles Henry Howard:-



On further investigation it seems by changing his name he becomes just one of many men named Charles Henry Howard! Therefore I’m unable to ascertain whether he ever married, had children or even when he died, I’ve checked all the wills for a Charles Henry Howard but none of them give any clues as to whether it might be his will. However, I did find a will for his brother Leopold Edmund Hustedt:-


From that one would think that Greta was Leopold’s daughter, but, Greta’s mother’s maiden name was Turner according to her birth registration in 1932, and Leopold had married Alice Shawcroft in 1921. There are no births registered to a Hustedt with the mother’s maiden name of Shawcroft and there’s no second marriage for either Leopold or Alice, in fact Alice seems to just disappear, no death or remarriage for her. However, I did find the following information which seems to point to Greta being Leopold’s daughter by Nina Halley née Turner:-


Marriages Dec 1906
HALLEY     Douglas  Islington     1b 665
TURNER    Nina       Islington     1b 665


Births Sep 1932
Halley  Greta    Turner (mother's maiden name)  Nottingham  7b  486

I wasn’t able to find a decree absolute divorce for Nina and there doesn’t seem to be a marriage for her to Leopold Hustedt, that doesn’t mean to say there wasn’t one though. Although the newspaper divorce report doesn’t give Leopold’s given name I think it most likely was him rather than his brother Charles, although leaving everything in your will to a niece is not unheard of either. I have searched all over but cannot come up with the final proof of either one being Greta’s father, I did find this last little snippet that points to Greta also having used both Hustedt and Howard as her surname, so either Charles was her father or Leopold did change his name at some stage although his death was registered as Hustedt but Nina’s death was registed as Howard:-


It looks like Greta never married before she died on 23 Aug 2003 and so the Hustedt name on this branch dies out.

References: ancestry.com.au; FreeBMD; FindMyPast; London Gazette. 


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the HUSTEDT (HOWARD) family please do contact me, I would love to pass the photo onto a family member. Contact by email is preferable but if you are going to leave a comment please don’t forget to include your email address.

Dawn Scotting

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