09 July 2014

The Catlow Sisters

You may remember I mentioned Julie who is a descendant of Nellie Catlow and who has been a mine of information on them all, well, she recently sent me three photos including one of the triplets that I didn’t have originally. And finally I have one of their mother Millicent who was missing in all of the photos I had. However, there is just one last question – who is the extra girl in the group of eight – not their mother surely? Not counting the triplets there should only be seven of them. There is nothing written on the back of the group photo so I’m just presuming that one of them is their mother, probably the one on the right with the large buttons on her skirt, if so then I’m coveting her tiny waist and trim figure after having ten babies! Thank you Julie for all your help, it has been great.


                          *** Lily – Rose – Violet – not necessarily in that order – 1900-1901 ***

Catlow-Triplets-8-weeks-620                                     Millicent Catlow with her triplets at 8 weeks old – Oct 1900.


Addendum: we now know who the extra person is in this photo – Cissie Burrows (standing right with large buttons on her skirt) – was a friend of the Catlow sisters.


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