28 May 2014

Annie Catlow 1885-1957

Annie Catlow, the eldest child of Thomas Watson & Millicent Catlow, was born on the 23 Aug 1885 in Bacup, Lancashire, her birth was registered in the 3qtr of 1885, in the Haslingden RD, no baptism found.

annie-lizzie-cissie-500w This looks like the earliest photo I have of her, her sister Lizzie looks to be about 10 to 12 so probably taken around 1905 or so, Annie would be about 20. Above is what is written on the back but comparing it with the other photos I think Annie is the one on the left although the other sister looks to be older, it’s hard to say for sure. They are standing outside 38 Temple St, Nelson, Lancashire where they were living in 1901 & 1911 before the family moved to ‘Braeside’ in Nelson. Here is what the house looks like today, it hasn’t changed that much, the top of the fence has gone, the front door & windows have been replaced but the downpipe is still there in the same spot and the brick work on the fence is exactly the same!

















This is Annie on the right, which one in the first photo do you think she is?

Annie married Edward Dean Moore, better known as Teddy, in 1919 and they had two sons, Harry Dean 1920-1994 & Thomas Norman 1924-2003, both births registered in the Burnley RD.

Here we have two photos of Edward Moore, one in his cricket gear and another in army uniform, the visible word on his epaulette looks like ‘Rings’, but is most probably ‘Kings’. Interesting to note that the first one was sent as a Christmas card to Annie’s sister Connie, perhaps a little bit of intrigue there?


Finally we have one of Annie taken from a group photograph of her with her friends, I will post about them later.




Teddy Moore died in 1930 at the young age of 44, his death  was registered in the 4qtr at Burnley RD. Annie died on the 17 Dec 1957, aged 72.

Next time it’s Martha Ann Catlow’s turn, better known as Cissie.

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