07 May 2009

Evelyn Mary Harriet Hanmer 1887-1969


This cute little girl is Evelyn Mary Harriet Hanmer, she was born on the 7 Feb 1887 to Edward Wingfield Hanmer and Catherine nee Hanmer.

Edward Wingfield Hanmer married Catherine Hanmer in NZ in 1885 and their other children were - Edward Henry John 1889, Humphrey Richard 1891 and Florence Catherine Alicia 1900.

Edward Wingfield Hanmer was one of sixteen children born to Rev Henry Hanmer and Sybella Elizabeth nee Gordon, he was baptised on 27 Jul 1856 at Grendon in Warwickshire where his father was the Rector.

Edward was living at home in 1861 and 1871 he was a pupil at a Grammar School in Newark, Nottinghamshire. By 1885 he was in New Zealand.

Edward's mother, Catherine, came from a different line of Hanmers, I found them on the Plantagenent Roll of the Blood Royal here. Edward's line of Hanmers I found in The Peerage of Britain here. So it seems Evelyn Mary Harriet comes from a long line of royalty.

Edward died on 28 Feb 1901 aged 44 and Catherine died in 1939 and was buried in the Waimairi Cemetery in Christchurch.

Surname: Hanmer
First name(s): Catherine
Date of death: Saturday, 20 May 1939
Cemetery: Waimairi Cemetery
Date of burial: Saturday, 20 May 1939
Block number: AN16
Plot number: 5
Age: 82 years
Address: 5 Stratford St, Fendalton, ChCh
Occupation: Unknown
Place of birth: Unknown
Years in New Zealand

Evelyn married a Mr Scott and she was a widow when she died in Christchurch in 1969 aged 82.


If anyone knows anything about or is connected to the Hanmer family please do contact me, I would love to hear from you & it may be to your advantage.

Dawn Scotting


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