29 January 2009

Stop Press - Netta Hanckel

Information has come to hand that leads me to believe that Netta was the daughter of Alfred Woods Hanckel, although not yet proven.

From the India Office List 1933:-

HANCKEL, Alfred Woods, A.M.I.C.E., M.Sc., late Indian Service of Engrs. -- Apptd. tempy. engr., Bombay, 3rd Jan., 1903; asst. engr., Jan., 1908; exec. engr., Feb., 1912; serving under Nepal Durbar, Oct., 1917, to July, 1918; retd., Jan., 1927.

In the 1901 census Alfred was an unmarried engineer so it seems from about 1903 he was in India until about 1927 when he retired. It's not known if he returned to the UK or not but as Netta's photo turned up there he probably did, if indeed Netta is his daughter.

Reference: findmypast.com


James Culverwell said...

Alfred Woods Hanckel was a great-uncle of mine. I have this in my databse that I collected about 10 years ago (can't remember where):

Hanckel, Alfred Woods (Univ.). Bom August 8, 1874, at Prescot.

B.Sc. (3rd class Engineering), 1895. M.Sc., 1899. Assoc.M.Inst.C.E.

Civil Engineer with Sir Douglas & Francis Fox, C.E., 28, Victoria
Street, S.W., 1896-1898 ; with the Great Westem Railway, 1898.
With the City Imperial Volunteers in South Africa in 1900. Assis-
tant Engineer with Great Western Railway, 1 900-1 902. Engineer
under the Government of India ; posted to Bombay Government,
1903, and placed on Special Duty under the Superintending
Engineer on Special Duty ; employed in investigating Protective
Irrigation Schemes in the Deccan ; placed in charge of the Mira
Right Bank Canal Project, 1903.

James Culverwell

courtneycotton01@gmail.com said...

James, if you're interested in having the photograph of Netta Hanckel please contact me via email (in my profile) or leave your email address here, there is no charge for it.