19 December 2008

More on Charles William Davies

Remember these two photos?


I posted these back on 4 Dec thinking they might be the same woman and wondering if she was the Elizabeth Tinney who married Samuel Maxton's son Mark.


I thought it was too much of a coincidence for the name of the photographer (F Davies of Dawlish in Devon) to be the same surname as the Davies family so set about looking for him in the census. Sure enough here he is in 1861:-


  1. 1861 Census
  2. 12 Portland Place, Dawlish, Devon
  3. Fredrick Davies head 35 Photographer born Clerkenwell, Middlesex
  4. Jessie Davies dau 11 scholar born St Brides, Middlesex
  5. Clara Davies dau 9 scholar born St Brides, Middlesex
  6. Fredrick Davies son 8 scholar born St Brides, Middlesex
  7. Harriet Johnson cousin 35 housekeeper born Stoke Newington, Middlesex
  8. © ancestry.com

Frederick turns out to be Frederick Peter Davies the brother of Charles Wm Davies. Fred Peter Davies was born c1826 in Clerkenwell, he married Jessie Peters in the 3qtr of 1848 West London RD. They had three children - Jessie Maria 1849, Clara Matilda 1851, Frederick A 1852.

The two brothers also had two sisters, Caroline Anne c1820 and Emily Susannah 1837. Caroline married Charles Doubble/Double in 1845, they had 3 children, Henry Thomas c1848, Caroline Dinah 1851 and Emily Maria c1856. Emily Susannah may have married either Thomas Bell or Samuel Smith in 1860.

None of which tells me who the woman is in the F Davies photo above but it seems that it most probably isn't Elizabeth Tinney who married Mark Maxton. She may be related somehow to Fred Peter Davies the photographer seeing the photo turned up in New Zealand.

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